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Dora Lewis


Time: May 06, 2022 10PM - 4AM
About Tour

Techno Brooklyn returns to Avant Gardner at King’s Hall on the Brooklyn Mirage’s Summer 2022 Grand Opening with Drumcode’s top producer Layton Giordani and support from Techno Brooklyn’s very own PRØVOST. Kick off the summer rave season with us at King’s Hall for what’s sure to be our hottest party to date.

— LAYTON GIORDANI (DRUMCODE) A true artist in every sense of the word, Layton Giordani stands firmly as one of the most popular tastemakers of techno’s new school, with his pioneering musical vision serving as a contemporary voice for the younger generation. Spending years acquiring knowledge from musical greats, the 28 year old possesses a wealth of experience far beyond his years and has now undeniably earned his rank in the upper echelon of techno.

— PRØVOST (TECHNO BROOKLYN) Brooklyn-based DJ & producer PRØVOST is not only a talented techno artist but is also the co-founder of the Techno Brooklyn brand itself. This talented, young artist has a burning passion for pushing the boundaries of production while developing his raw and hypnotic sound.